Take 5: The best of digital customer experience

Each Friday in this space I pull out five terrific things I found this week.   This is a combination of great online customer experiences to great research—all of it about online customer experience.


ART BABBLE — I spent last week at the Museum + Web 2009 Conference in Indianapolis, and it was one of those great conference experiences you occasionally have.  I was in a half dozen conversations that I walked away from totally lost in thought.  Joanna Champagne, from the National Gallery of Art in DC, presented on “Surviving a Website Re-design,” which is what she’s going through with us–at IconNicholson.  (We hope to finish the re-design by end of the year)

The museums of Indianapolis are truly beautiful, and leading that group is the spectacular Indianapolis Museum of Art, located on 50 acres of land in the city.  As many of you know Daniel Incandela and the Digital Media team at IMA are creating some of the most original and thoughtful initiatives in digital customer experience and social media.

Art Babble is an independent video platform that IMA built on Amazon’s cloud computing offering.  They’ve gotten great partners such as MOMA, LACMA, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to join with their videos.  The future points to a gathering place for all museums to present video content which could aggregate a “culture loving” audience that loves art.

Keep an eye on IMA and the work that Daniel and his team are leading there:

Art Babble: Indianapolis Museum of Art

FORRESTER MARKETING CONFERENCE LIVE — Forrester puts out a tremendous amount of online research and analysis.  Here’s a new wrinkle, they’re livecasting their marketing conference from Memphis, click in and watch live:

Forrester Marketing Conference LIVE — Memphis, TN


CUSTOMER IN-STORE EXPERIENCE SURVEY — Bruce Tempkin has a survey of 4,500 consumers about their satisfaction with the In-Store experience.  He’s also doing surveys of digital and mobile experiences, so keep an eye on his blog.

Winners of the In-store survey?  Costco, Barnes + Noble, and Marriott:

Bruce Tempkin: In Person Snapshot of Customer Satisfaction


SKIMMER — I’m a Tweetdeck user, but the idea of pulling my Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media network into a single, coherent dashbboard is very appealing.  Fallon worked with some of my favorite developers–Sierra Bravo–to build Skimmer, the ultimate social media dashboard.  Minnov8 does their usual outstanding job in the review / interview on their Website.  See what you think:

Skimmer: Fallon + Sierra Bravo try for ultimate social media dashboard

CUTE OVERLOAD – Okay, cheap gratuitous laugh coming up here to close the show:


Anyone with kids has probably come across Cute Overload.com.  If not, you should see one of the most popular kids site on the Internet.  And besides, it’ll give you a good laugh.  The photos and videos range from the despicably cute to the outrageously funny.  Here’s a video from this week of a Louris who’s getting scratched along his ribs by his owner.  Like all pets getting something he wants, he wants more.  Truly, you’ll laugh your hindquarters off at this:

Cute Overload: The Louris Asks, “Why you stop?”

Have a great user experience this weekend, and we’ll posts again next Friday.  Please pass the link along if you think there’s value.


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