Public Touchscreens Can Create Multi-User RFID Magic

Schematic has done some pioneering work with large touchscreens.  You may have seen their touchscreen computer for Accenture in the International Terminal at JFK airport in New York City.

They came to Cannes this year for the interactive festival and installed a touchscreen to help attendees get registered and oriented.  Two things make this touch screen truly innovative:

1. Use of RFID in attendee name tags–this allows the touchscreen to “recognize” you as you walk up to it.  No need to sign in or otherwise authenticate.  (And if it were to be a smart RFID tag, information could flow from the touchscreen back to the tag—but that’s for later)

2. Multi-user touchscreen.  Several people can host sessions on the screen at the same time

While all this is going on, the screen is also offering general programming for people who may be standing in the area, but not actively engaged with the touchscreen.  This programming could be influenced by information on people’s RFID tags.

Great work:

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