SEO Whiteboard: Reacting to Competitive Pressure in PPC

Rand Fishkin presents... - SMX Seattle 2007
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Rand Fishkin has an irregular feature on called “Whiteboard Fridays” in which he stands at a whiteboard and holds forth on SEO and PPC issues.  This is a terrific series and you can find an archive of these on Vimeo by searching “seomoz whiteboard.”

A major point I’m hearing and seeing over and over in SEM strategy is that PPC campaigns are becoming much more competitive–more of an arms race between you and your competition.  On the other hand, SEO strategies through social media and different types of media like video can be much, much more cost effective.

Lee Odden at Top Rank Marketing often makes the point that while PPC and even SEO competition in search engines is tough, video content remains a wide open opportunity.  In online marketing campaigns–especially in B2C markets—video can be an extremely effective vehicle for getting noticed by the right audience in the right context.  Low cost, high performance.

Here’s this week’s which deals with the important issues around competitive pressure and how it effects your SEM strategies:

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