All The Yahoos Trying to Be Flipboard

Word comes that Yahoo is in the midst of developing a new “content platform” ironically code named Deadeye, which would amalgamate social and public content for the consumer from a range of explicit and implicit choices, and present all of this in some kind of UI that allows for browsing, alerts and curation.

In other words: we’re building Flipboard, too.

The winner and still champion

AOL will announce their version of a “content reader” once all this Huffington Post integration settles down.  Their pitch line for their platform: “the magazine that reads you.”

News Corp released The Daily this month which aimed to be a Flipboard behind a paywall. A blistering comparison in PC Magazine settled the issue decisively in Flipboard’s favor.  Flipboard was Apple iTunes “App of the Year 2010,” and still holds the title of the coolest user experience in content aggregation so far.

And it doesn’t crash–a real quality lesson to all the Yahoos out there who would propose to stuff old new media into new new media formats.

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