Moving On By Native Instincts

This week I’m beginning something new.  Something I know will be much closer to where my passions lie and where I believe communications and design strategy are converging.

I’m joining Native Instinct, a San Francisco agency that focuses on content strategy and social media.

I’ll be a partner in the firm, opening an office in Minneapolis which we hope to grow to 10,000 people in the next few years.  Talented, passionate folk.  Just like the ones in the San Francisco office.

Who are these people?

Remember the rise of The Flip?  That’s them.

Native Instinct was the marketing partner for Flip from their incubation as a start-up until they were acquired by Cisco three years later for an incredibly large sum of money.  This work for Flip included the marketing, content strategy, e-commerce site, social media strategy—even developing Flipshare, the private video sharing service which allowed families and other small groups to share videos in one click.  The e-commerce site sold 2 million cameras.

We already have Native Instinct clients in the Midwest.  We’re looking to talk with companies that communicating more and more directly with their customers.  If you or anyone you know would like to have a discussion about what we bring to that kind of partnership, please give me a call at (612) 749-0803 and tweet away @rohnjaymiller.

I’ll be moving this blog over to next week, though I’ll continue to co-publish it here for those with bookmarks.

I’m really excited about joining an established, independent firm that’s willing to stretch from marketing to into customer service and product design.  I’ll be focusing on three areas: business strategy, content strategy and social strategy.   I’ll be working more on how organizations change to adapt as quickly as possible to these new opportunities for building interest and engagement with prospects and customers.  I think of it less as change management and more as adaption management, helping companies communicate and align clearly internally.

I met with Jeff Solari, the CEO and Jim Granger, the Creative Director, last week in their offices near South Park in San Francisco.  We met for two days, along with many of the rest of the agency– and then a funny thing happened.

A new client called and wanted to get to work that next day.  Tuesday night I got on a plane at SFO and flew to the client’s headquarters–in Las Vegas, of all places.  Twelve hours after shaking hands with Jeff and Jim, I was at a kick-off meeting, walking with a client through the customer journey, and talking about how that will change.

To those of you who have reached out to connect with me over the last year as I worked on my own, I have to shout my gratitude.  At least a half dozen times this past year a friend picked up the phone or sent me a tweet connecting me to a new client or new piece of work.  I especially want to call out the people of Ratchet, who were clients and invited me to become a collaborator with them.

I thank the amazing group of friends I’ve met this last year over Twitter like Don Ball, Phil Numrich, Mark Hines, Kat Duncan, Paul Isakson,  Arik Hanson, Amy Bryant,  Mahtab Rezai, Dan Wallace, and on and on.  You all exemplify the selfless, engaged, intelligent community in which we are lucky to be working.  And you prove the power of the social graph.

So thanks.  And let’s get started.


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I'm a strategic designer who works with clients who are transforming their business models because of change brought on by the Internet. Solving disruption is often a problem and an opportunity at the same time. Previously I was a founding partner of Ikonic/USWeb in San Francisco, and Senior Vice President--Product & Technology for Knight Ridder in San Jose.

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  1. jim cuene March 9, 2011 at 3:31 pm #

    Great news man! Congratulations!

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  3. Sara Stensaas March 17, 2011 at 3:05 pm #

    All the best.