The Fabulous Collision Between Search And Social Networks


I’ve posted at Native Instinct on the structure of this wondrous collision between Search and Social Networks in which we’re standing in the middle. Nothing to be alarmed about, unless you run Google, Bing or a link farm in the Ukraine:

Since I wrote the post yesterday I’ve had a chance to read more closely about Google’s +1 annoucement.  If you hadn’t heard, the idea is that Google is going to introduce some form of “+” GUI element within search results, allowing you to recommend a particular search result as valuable.  This is a bit of crowdsourcing, a bit of social graphing, a bit of bookmarking.  What I mark as valuable will need to be understood in the context of what I was looking for at the time, and who I am.  That’s a fascinating inter-locked set of problems to solve, and I’m glad the good people at Google feel up to this challenge.

The opportunities for shenanigans seem rife, and I don’t mean at Google.  Those nefarious link farm people could hire Transylvanian gnomes to input “+”‘s all day and all night on results for black hat SEO types working for major US retailers.  Or something like that.

We can stew in those problems when they arrive, we have plenty to work on as it is.

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