is Bolthouse Farms Mirror of Our (Not So Healthy) Social Sharing

Have you seen enough food porn?

Or perhaps you’re feeling guilty publishing that Instragram photo of the braised pork wild mushroom cheese cobbler you ordered at the restaurant last night  (875 calories per serving)

Bolthouse Farms, purveyor of the fruit smoothies you find in your grocery store’s vegetable department, thinks its time to make the case for how far gone we are over food porn.  And how luscious really healthy food can be for you.  They’ve done it with an interesting social media experiment.Bolthouse

Bolthouse Farms has launched, a site that a track what percentage of food porn posted on the Internet is unhealthy—and how little food porn is actually good for you.  Its a great example of how crowd-sharing exposes our behaviors and passions to each other–and not necessarily for the good.

The site measures hashtags on social media messages such as Twitter, and presents the over-all balance between good foods and decadent foods.  It will also show how many mentions are currently tallied for individual foods.

The opening screen shows the balance of all food hashtags captured by the site:FoodPornIndex

This fades and a bright mosaic of different images of food porn appear, from snacks and bacon to the lowly kale.

The results can be dismayingly funny.  “#Snacks” and “#Cake” are running at about 20 million mentions each.  The lowly “#beet” has only 350,000.  (And who won’t laugh seeing a navigation link to “WTF?”)

Visitors are invited to share a link to the site, but the user experience (and social sharing) would be improved if a visitor could share anything, from the over-all balance score to the score for an individual food or a comparison of two foods.

This is hardly the stuff of real market research, but that’s not the point–or the fun of it.

FoodPornIndex does present a mirror of what you and I and everyone else are socially sharing about food through the mode of the hashtag.

As a branding campaign, it’s another step in creating online experiences that authentically interact with users and their social sharing–while also aligning a premium brand with an authentic cause of healthier eating.

Food Porn sharing is widespread, especially with the rise of Pinterest and Instagram.  The campaign gets double points on my score sheet for meeting us on social networks when we’re doing what we love.

And I confess: last night I wandered the Internet trying to find out how best to fry #frenchfries.

I’ll atone with some #kale tonight.

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