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Popularity Is Not A Proxy For Influence (See: Martha Stewart)

Michael Wu holds the exalted title of Principal Scientist of Analytics at Lithium, the SaaS provider of Social CRM services.  Last week he wrote a thoughtful piece about social influence that made the point that social influence scores are inherently false measures because they can be gamed—much more so than search engine results, for example. There is a […]

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Klout CEO Joe Fernandez Responds To Critics

  Two weeks ago I wrote a post here called “Delete Your Klout Profile Now!”  So far more than 10,000 people have read it on Social Media Today and another 2,000 on this blog.    It’s been shared and re-tweeted more than 2,200 times. More important, several other bloggers and journalists have come out with posts […]

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What Should Google Do?

A New York Times expose proved that JC Penney, a large but desperate national retailer, hired “black hat” search engine experts to game Google and move JC Penney products into the top organic search result for everything from ankle socks to zebra blankets. The New York Times investigative team proved that a major national retailer could game Google and end up in the top organic rankings, and as a result, reap millions of dollars in new business.

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