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Here is a list of resources + links to presentations about Agile or Lean planning. This generally means what is also called Agile marketing, though this gets into Agile marketing as a service, so that touches on product design, and so on.

The point is this rich discussion covers a range of exciting new possibilities and comes from a range of traditions and titles.   All of this is to the good.

I’ll try to keep these organized in some linear way but I am sure I will fail.

Please send any links or ideas to me at or Tweet me @rohnjaymiller.

Many thanks to all who push the practice and thinking in this area.  There has been a lot done and talked about especially in this past year.  I think our greatest challenge is working with or in marketing groups in large enterprises, especially those with several layers of management.  These are slow ships to turn.

Here’s an introduction to Agile Marketing as a lead up to a workshop I ran last year the UnSummit.

I blog in this area more and more.  If you’d chat or would like me to present, moderate or facilitate, I’d welcome the chance to share. Give me a shout.

Thanks-Rohn Jay Miller


First of all, there are four major blogs that cover the waterfront of Agile + Lean Planning and Agile Marketing:

Jim Ewell publishes a blog on all things Agile Marketing on his site at  His blog also includes terrific “evergreen” pieces about “what is agile marketing?” and “why agile marketing?”

The Agile Marketing Blog: curated by John Cass and Frank Days is an anthology of current news + their great Agile Marketing podcast

Neil Perkin’s Only Dead Fish: –also see his #firestarters hashtag on Twitter, covering his speakers series sponsored by Google

Madebymany is considered to be the leading agency practicing and developing the art.  Their blog and their thought pieces, called Signals, present some of the best thinking and presentations on Agile and Lean Planning.


I don’t intend to build a blogroll (I might, we’ll see) but these three blogs will keep you well up to date on the latest.  Also, searching and Twitter produce valuable results.


The best Twitter links on the subject often come during conferences.  Leading the way for me are the Planningness conferences which are held at least annually, the last one in Minneapolis in May of 2011.  I believe the next one will be in Miami with the AAAA conference.  Apparently there were some “abandonment” issues among account planners when the AAAA stopped hosting a planning conference.  All the Bolsheviks ran off and formed Planningness, which is terrific: #planningness is the hashtag.

#leanplanning gets some traffic

as does #agile

Some posts of great value:

Great blog post by Justin McMurray of MadeByMany, “A Manifesto for Agile strategy: Oxymoron or Innovation?” speaks in clear language about the challenges of Agile strategy, especially scaling beyond the team level.

Neil Perkin’s thoughtful pieces on “Agile Planning,” and “Agile Marketing.”  Also he keeps a terrific list of his posts on these subjects.

Steve Blank’s incredible, exhaustive list of “Books For Start-Ups” start with the eight major texts that framed his Lean thinking, and include another 50-60 of importance.  A very valuable bibliography to bookmark.

“Smart Marketing in the Era of Agile Commerce,” from Venturebeat, Harvard Business Review

“Ideas for an Agile Marketing Manifesto,” by Scott Brinker, on his blog Chief Marketing Technologist


How To Do Lean Strategy by Farrah Bostic, Planningness 2011, Minneapolis

“How To Really Make Something,” by Stuart Eccles and Tim Malbon of MadeByMany, Planningness 2010, Brooklyn

“Production As Strategy” by Adrian Ho and David Annis, Planningness 2011, Minneapolis

“Agile Planning” by Neil Perkin, July 2011


Here’s a great rumination by James Mathewson, Editor in Chief of, “Agile Content Strategy: Scrum Favors Generalists”



How Involver, start-up that builds brand integrations into Facebook, uses Agile Marketing to organize their go-to-market strategy:

How Involver Uses Agile Marketing



Other articles across the range of Agile and planning:

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