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IBM Makes A Big Move On A Blue Ocean Opportunity

IBM announced this week the launching of the IBM Customer Experience Lab in Yorkville, NY. The Lab will bring together 100 researchers and consultants into what sounds like a center of excellence to help clients with “front office integration” around three general ideas: Customer insights Customer engagement Employee engagement The first–customer insights–isn’t new ground for […]

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Phony Car Dealership Marketing Meets the 21st Century

Last Thursday we received two pieces of mail at our home. The first was from the Volvo dealership in Minneapolis where I have my car serviced.  The week before last I had taken the car in to have the brake pads and rotors replaced for $1,000.  I was also quoted another $1,700 to have the […]

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OMS Summit: Todd Wilms of SAP makes change by embracing customers–and executives

Todd Wilms has an interesting perspective on the effect of social media on corporations.  As a Senior Director in SAP’s 35-person social media team, he sees both the incredible velocity of change in communications and marketing that he says makes “you feel like the ground is shifting out from underneath you—because it is.” Wilms spoke […]

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Participants explore the Dell Social Media Lis...

The Dell Social Media Transformation

Dell has established itself as a model of a large corporation embracing social media not just to improve customer service, but to change the corporate culture completely, to one that is open, authentic and trustworthy.

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