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IBM Makes A Big Move On A Blue Ocean Opportunity

IBM announced this week the launching of the IBM Customer Experience Lab in Yorkville, NY. The Lab will bring together 100 researchers and consultants into what sounds like a center of excellence to help clients with “front office integration” around three general ideas: Customer insights Customer engagement Employee engagement The first–customer insights–isn’t new ground for […]

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Rick Liebling Q&A:”Cultural Singularity” Blew Up Our Culture In 1986—Now What?

Rick Leibling’s essay “The Cultural Singularity Paradox” sets out the idea that somewhere in the 1980s we passed a point where technology, music and urban culture combined to breech the walls of monolithic mass media in America. Technology has now spread this “cultural singularity” to the point that we can no longer predict how and why culture will change, what trends will become popular and what memes we will chase.

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Hey, Tell Me Why Southwest Cost Me A Steak Dinner in Vegas!

  Tuesday afternoon I was sitting in an exit row seat of a Southwest Airlines flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas. I was looking forward to a big steak dinner with a small group of friends who happen to be clients that work in the hospitality business in Vegas.  Needless to say, with their […]

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MISO: Microsoft, IBM, SAP + Oracle Push Into Social Strategy

As businesses across the world begin to deal with the social communications revolution, thoughts turn to the “big four” business technology firms: Microsoft, IBM, SAP and Oracle, or as they are known by their cute moniker in the technology market, MISO.

All four are taking incremental rather than revolutionary steps to shift into the social marketplaces, using their natural installed base of current technology as their beachhead. All four have embraced social change, but as you would expect, interpret that idea differently, with different definitions of what problems are really important for business.

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