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Popularity Is Not A Proxy For Influence (See: Martha Stewart)

Michael Wu holds the exalted title of Principal Scientist of Analytics at Lithium, the SaaS provider of Social CRM services.  Last week he wrote a thoughtful piece about social influence that made the point that social influence scores are inherently false measures because they can be gamed—much more so than search engine results, for example. There is a […]

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The Mythology of Social Influence

  Social influence is the opposite of the weather.  Unlike the weather, everyone is talking about social influence–and it seems like everyone is doing something about it. Companies are springing up like ragweed everywhere in the “social influence” field.  Some, like Radian6, are trying to listen and discern social influence.  Klout and Kred are trying […]

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Klout: 2.5 Million Profiles Deleted? Maybe 10,000? Who Knows?

  Dutch blogger Martijn Linnsen has reviewed 18,000 Klout profiles captured prior to November 1 and found approximately 2.5% were no longer active as of December 1.  This could mean hundreds of thousands of Klout profiles have been deleted by users since the “delete your profile” option was finally offered by Klout on November 1.  I […]

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