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I Had A Dream And It Was All About How To Change Marketing

A dream came to me about a speech to old colleagues. I forgot what I was going to stay and then remembered: We must drive deeper into the product. Brand design = product design. People fall in love with product design, not branding. Branding is the framework and re-enforcement of product design. Let’s think of marketing as a service that provides real value to our customers. Then I woke up.

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Participants explore the Dell Social Media Lis...

The Dell Social Media Transformation

Dell has established itself as a model of a large corporation embracing social media not just to improve customer service, but to change the corporate culture completely, to one that is open, authentic and trustworthy.

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Moving On By Native Instincts

I’m starting an amazing voyage today. I’m joining Native Instinct of San Francisco as a partner.

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Strategic Communications Planning: Just Do It Yourself

Bricolage is a French word that is used in creative processes to describe pulling together what you find at hand in a loose, collaborative process that focuses deeply on creation, observation, and iteration. Used in advertising and marketing, it’s a new way of planning. Instead of researching a creative brief and tossing it over the wall to the “creatives,” this new way begins with an insight or insights taken from close observation of the customer’s journey.

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