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Public Touchscreens Can Create Multi-User RFID Magic

Schematic has done some pioneering work with large touchscreens.  You may have seen their touchscreen computer for Accenture in the International Terminal at JFK airport in New York City. They came to Cannes this year for the interactive festival and installed a touchscreen to help attendees get registered and oriented.  Two things make this touch […]

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TAKE 5: How Do Customers Experience Online Over Time?

This week let’s think about time.  How does time change the customer experience online? I was thinking about how we arrive at, consume, leave and (maybe) come back to different digital experiences. This has big implications for social media where developing awareness, wonder and trust all happen over time, outside the single customer experience model. […]

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Why Do Some Social Media Platforms Beat the “Hype Cycle” + Others Don’t?

Geoff Northcott of AKQA in London had a great post in his blog today about Augmented Reality on the Web, which is the term for immersive media experiences.  He matched Second Life and other Augmented Reality technologies against the Gartner Hype Cycle.   The Hype Cycle, pictured above, says that many new technologies on the Internet […]

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Like it or not, we’ll be “friended” the rest of our lives

By RJM My stepmother, Peggy Miller, recently retired as the President of a state university. In the logistical process of retiring she had to turn in her laptop and cell phone, and buy new ones.  But she will be allowed to keep her e-mail address for the rest of her life, peggy.miller@<nameofcollege>.edu. That’s apparently one […]

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