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Dachis Group Swings For the Fences On Social Influence

Online social influence is one of those phenomena that are hard to define, but we “know it when we see it.” And social influence is even much harder to track than it is to define.  Businesses are becoming increasingly social in their marketing, sales and customer service using a wide range of strategies, tactics and […]

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The Mythology of Social Influence

  Social influence is the opposite of the weather.  Unlike the weather, everyone is talking about social influence–and it seems like everyone is doing something about it. Companies are springing up like ragweed everywhere in the “social influence” field.  Some, like Radian6, are trying to listen and discern social influence.  Klout and Kred are trying […]

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Five Questions Klout Can’t Answer

Five questions Klout CEO Joe Fernandez can’t–or won’t answer

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