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SXSW: Hey, Beyond Behavioral, Can We Use DNA In Social Marketing?

(Note: This post originally appeared on Social Media Today, where it was picked up by Forbes’ Haydn Shaughnesy in a column.  Also in the Sunday, March 25 edition of the New York Times an article on Gilad Elbaz’s start up Factual made observations about the use of DNA information for research and analytics.  Finally,  I […]

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The Death of the Little Flip That Could

Flip was in the business of turning everybody into their own video studio for a very low, one-time cost of less than $200. That apparently was a good enough business model for Pure Digital Technologies, the builders of the Flip. It wasn’t good enough for Cisco, a company focused on routers. Yes, there are competitors coming from Sony and Kodak, but Flip had the brand equity, the reputation.

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MISO: Microsoft, IBM, SAP + Oracle Push Into Social Strategy

As businesses across the world begin to deal with the social communications revolution, thoughts turn to the “big four” business technology firms: Microsoft, IBM, SAP and Oracle, or as they are known by their cute moniker in the technology market, MISO.

All four are taking incremental rather than revolutionary steps to shift into the social marketplaces, using their natural installed base of current technology as their beachhead. All four have embraced social change, but as you would expect, interpret that idea differently, with different definitions of what problems are really important for business.

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Message From Technology Front: It’s All About the Data

AdTech 2010 had three major themes: data, real-time bidding and social. They all lead back to the current resurgence in online display advertising, up 15% in the last year and a half, and mostly because of these three trends–especially the data.

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