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SXSW: Hey, Beyond Behavioral, Can We Use DNA In Social Marketing?

(Note: This post originally appeared on Social Media Today, where it was picked up by Forbes’ Haydn Shaughnesy in a column.  Also in the Sunday, March 25 edition of the New York Times an article on Gilad Elbaz’s start up Factual made observations about the use of DNA information for research and analytics.  Finally,  I […]

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Lean UX + Integrating Product Design with Agile Process

Lean UX works in iterative cycles, moving quickly to focus on the best customers of a product, design something that works for them, build it fast and test it, then move on to the next cycle. You learn more by looking at a real live product–no matter what flaws it might have–than you do by noodling over a requirements document written in the abstract three months ago. And you get a second chance! And a third, and a fourth, and so on.

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I’ve Got a New Job–and So Do You

Social media is leading to a seismic change in communications which I call strategic communications planning, which will replace strategic consulting by firms like McKinsey and Bain. It will also take the place of a lot of marketing and advertising budgets as well

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A typical Wal-Mart discount department store i...

Wal-Mart Green Strategy: Is it Walking the Walk?

Wal-Mart announced this month an initiative to add labeling to everything they sell that will provide ratings of how envrionmentally friendly products are. They are mandating participation by all of their vendors in this program, which means that billions of dollars worth of products will carry this branded (Wal-Mart) labelling.

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