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I Had A Dream And It Was All About How To Change Marketing

A dream came to me about a speech to old colleagues. I forgot what I was going to stay and then remembered: We must drive deeper into the product. Brand design = product design. People fall in love with product design, not branding. Branding is the framework and re-enforcement of product design. Let’s think of marketing as a service that provides real value to our customers. Then I woke up.

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Coke’s Fantastic Social “Un-commercial” Rewards Honesty

    Coca-Cola Portugal’s team came up with a brilliant social experiment that it conducted last month in Lisbon, and it’s a brilliant example of how “social” isn’t defined by Facebook and Twitter, it’s defined by people. A soccer match was coming up between the two biggest teams in Lisbon, arch-rivals Sport Lisboa and Sporting […]

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Klout: 2.5 Million Profiles Deleted? Maybe 10,000? Who Knows?

  Dutch blogger Martijn Linnsen has reviewed 18,000 Klout profiles captured prior to November 1 and found approximately 2.5% were no longer active as of December 1.  This could mean hundreds of thousands of Klout profiles have been deleted by users since the “delete your profile” option was finally offered by Klout on November 1.  I […]

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Steve Jobs: Lessons From the Master Tweaker

Steve Jobs was not an inventor like Thomas Edison or Benjamin Franklin, he was something perhaps more important than that. He was, to use an English term, “a tweaker.” He was a person who could take a pretty good idea and by the sheer force of his intellect and personality turn it into a fantastic idea.

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