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The lesson of clamshell packaging and real company values

Image via Wikipedia Tara Hunt, author of “The Whuffie Factor” spoke this week at a Social Media Club workshop held at Best Buy Headquarters in Minneapolis. As she spoke about her prescriptions for companies opening up to the new social Internet, she offered this discussion point: “Identify the values that are part of communities that […]

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Intercomm: how internal + external communications integration will become the new frontier

Intercomm is the idea that internal, partner and marketing communications will need to be planned and executed in a totally integrated process. This post defines the idea and presents the reason why it will be the big interactive trend in 2011.

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Future Shop, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Customer Satisfaction in E-Commerce Strongly Effects Future Loyalty

Image via Wikipedia ForeSee Results has just released a research study on customer satisfaction with the top 40 Internet e-commerce Website and for mainstream retailers like Target and Best Buy it’s not great news. The two retailing giants scored just below the average for the 40 sites, and showed little improvement in their customer satisfaction […]

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Lessons From Crossing the Chasm of Social Media at Lego

Image via Wikipedia For six years Jake McKee led social media strategy at Lego in the US. You probably now know what a terrific job Jake and the people at Legos have done at building and bonding with a community of fans and fanatics. (McKee is currently CEO of his own agency, Ant’s Eye View) […]

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