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The Paradox of Hiring An Experienced Agency In A Time of Disruption

It’s hard to hire an agency for innovation. The answer is to look for partners who can help you be lean in the planning process and agile in development.

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The Death of Branding and The Rise of Design and Reputation

So take a moment and think of the best work your company does. When your company does its best work who does it?  How do they do it? Now hold a picture of that group of people and the work they do, and ask “what qualities or values do they bring to the table that […]

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I’ve Got a New Job–and So Do You

Social media is leading to a seismic change in communications which I call strategic communications planning, which will replace strategic consulting by firms like McKinsey and Bain. It will also take the place of a lot of marketing and advertising budgets as well

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