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The Paradox of Hiring An Experienced Agency In A Time of Disruption

It’s hard to hire an agency for innovation. The answer is to look for partners who can help you be lean in the planning process and agile in development.

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Personas Are Back In Style

Personas are making a comeback in account planning and strategic planning. As the social Internet fragments audiences understanding the coherent behaviors of the increasing number of audiences segments is becoming the critical first step in account planning. The modern use of personas as far as my research found, dates to the 1980s. Angus Jenkinson began to use them to develop the first CRM strategies as the CEO of a database marketing firm in the UK, and they were adopted by OgilvyOne as the centerpiece of their strategy development

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Caribou Coffee: Phony Authenticity in Corporate Social Media

Caribou Coffee is just the latest offender in using social media-like tactics to “simulate authenticity.” It’s marketing, not social media. It’s not the authentic, open communication that social media demands in order to establish any credibility. I don’t believe real people wrote those slogans because they sound phony. If you cherry pick 1% of the entries in a marketing slogan contest, you’ll end up with a collection of realistic-sounding tripe that’s right on message.

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I’ve Got a New Job–and So Do You

Social media is leading to a seismic change in communications which I call strategic communications planning, which will replace strategic consulting by firms like McKinsey and Bain. It will also take the place of a lot of marketing and advertising budgets as well

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