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The Paradox of Hiring An Experienced Agency In A Time of Disruption

It’s hard to hire an agency for innovation. The answer is to look for partners who can help you be lean in the planning process and agile in development.

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The Three Legs of Content Strategy

Customer engagement on the Social Internet requires organized participation by companies–people and resources in our company need to be “highly aligned” and then allowed to be “loosely coupled,” so they can engage. This organization is called “content strategy, which I define as an over-all strategy for developing and delivering information and tools to customers. Notice I didn’t say “over the Internet.” I personally feel we need to open social engagement to include the valuable ways in which traditional advertising and other marketing deliver.

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Participants explore the Dell Social Media Lis...

The Dell Social Media Transformation

Dell has established itself as a model of a large corporation embracing social media not just to improve customer service, but to change the corporate culture completely, to one that is open, authentic and trustworthy.

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Strategic Communications Planning: Just Do It Yourself

Bricolage is a French word that is used in creative processes to describe pulling together what you find at hand in a loose, collaborative process that focuses deeply on creation, observation, and iteration. Used in advertising and marketing, it’s a new way of planning. Instead of researching a creative brief and tossing it over the wall to the “creatives,” this new way begins with an insight or insights taken from close observation of the customer’s journey.

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