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Lean UX + Integrating Product Design with Agile Process

Lean UX works in iterative cycles, moving quickly to focus on the best customers of a product, design something that works for them, build it fast and test it, then move on to the next cycle. You learn more by looking at a real live product–no matter what flaws it might have–than you do by noodling over a requirements document written in the abstract three months ago. And you get a second chance! And a third, and a fourth, and so on.

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The Death of Branding and The Rise of Design and Reputation

So take a moment and think of the best work your company does. When your company does its best work who does it?  How do they do it? Now hold a picture of that group of people and the work they do, and ask “what qualities or values do they bring to the table that […]

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