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Why Facebook Will Disappear (and Google won’t) in the Social Internet

Image via CrunchBase Jeremiah Owyang and Charlene Li have pointed down the shadowy pathway towards the future of social computing, and not surprisingly they see Google: “Revealing Google’s Stealth Social Network Play.” Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn today look and act like first stage examples in any communications revolution–much like 19th century daguerreotypes were staged like […]

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Streamy: Test Driving the Newest Social Media Dashboard

Posterous, Tweetdeck, Seismic FriendFeed and others have all been trying to become the uber-social media dashboard—one place where I can browse and manage all of my social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and Digg.Streamy.com (www.streamy.com) has come to market this month with a strong entry.

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Rand Fishkin presents... - SMX Seattle 2007

SEO Whiteboard: Reacting to Competitive Pressure in PPC

Image by Tamar Weinberg via Flickr Rand Fishkin has an irregular feature on www.seomoz.com called “Whiteboard Fridays” in which he stands at a whiteboard and holds forth on SEO and PPC issues.  This is a terrific series and you can find an archive of these on Vimeo by searching “seomoz whiteboard.” A major point I’m […]

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