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Meeker’s Mobile Vision Begs Questions About Location Apps

Mary Meeker’s recent presentation on mobile in 2011 focuses on mobile devices as extensions of activities we’ve up till now used computers for—commerce, social media updates, games. The “location-specific” applications are still quite murky. How does a store offer discounts to people who are in close physical proximity to the store? How does a store engage with a customer in the store, standing in front of a product? Some of this requires retailers and other merchants to think through innovations.

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Google “Versus” Facebook? Or Just Google “And” Facebook?

Google’s new social strategy called Google +1 is aimed at Facebook’s domination of social media. Or is it? An early peek at Google +1 suggests that it improves on some aspects of Facebook’s “closed garden.” But there’s an overwhelming majority of FB users who kinda like the closed garden, y’know?

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