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Phony Car Dealership Marketing Meets the 21st Century

Last Thursday we received two pieces of mail at our home. The first was from the Volvo dealership in Minneapolis where I have my car serviced.  The week before last I had taken the car in to have the brake pads and rotors replaced for $1,000.  I was also quoted another $1,700 to have the […]

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SXSW: Hey, Beyond Behavioral, Can We Use DNA In Social Marketing?

(Note: This post originally appeared on Social Media Today, where it was picked up by Forbes’ Haydn Shaughnesy in a column.  Also in the Sunday, March 25 edition of the New York Times an article on Gilad Elbaz’s start up Factual made observations about the use of DNA information for research and analytics.  Finally,  I […]

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Personas Are Back In Style

Personas are making a comeback in account planning and strategic planning. As the social Internet fragments audiences understanding the coherent behaviors of the increasing number of audiences segments is becoming the critical first step in account planning. The modern use of personas as far as my research found, dates to the 1980s. Angus Jenkinson began to use them to develop the first CRM strategies as the CEO of a database marketing firm in the UK, and they were adopted by OgilvyOne as the centerpiece of their strategy development

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