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Are Personas Useful in Social Media Strategy Anymore?

Best Buy may have fallen on hard times but a decade ago the big box retailer was one of the first “bricks and clicks” to embrace the use of personas in all aspects of marketing and e-commerce. Best Buy was renowned for its four personas–Buzz, Jill, Barry and Ray.  Buzz was the single, male nerd […]

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The Paradox of Hiring An Experienced Agency In A Time of Disruption

It’s hard to hire an agency for innovation. The answer is to look for partners who can help you be lean in the planning process and agile in development.

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The New Direct Response Works: “But Wait! There’s More!”

As online experiences become more engaging, and advertisers can track and market to individuals, our marketing frameworks look more and more like direct response. Ron Popiel would be proud.

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I’ve Got a New Job–and So Do You

Social media is leading to a seismic change in communications which I call strategic communications planning, which will replace strategic consulting by firms like McKinsey and Bain. It will also take the place of a lot of marketing and advertising budgets as well

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