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I Had A Dream And It Was All About How To Change Marketing

A dream came to me about a speech to old colleagues. I forgot what I was going to stay and then remembered: We must drive deeper into the product. Brand design = product design. People fall in love with product design, not branding. Branding is the framework and re-enforcement of product design. Let’s think of marketing as a service that provides real value to our customers. Then I woke up.

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Rick Liebling Q&A:”Cultural Singularity” Blew Up Our Culture In 1986—Now What?

Rick Leibling’s essay “The Cultural Singularity Paradox” sets out the idea that somewhere in the 1980s we passed a point where technology, music and urban culture combined to breech the walls of monolithic mass media in America. Technology has now spread this “cultural singularity” to the point that we can no longer predict how and why culture will change, what trends will become popular and what memes we will chase.

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