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How The Christian Science Monitor Used SEO Strategies to Drive From 3M to 25M Page Views

An extraordinary case study published by the Nieman Journalism Lab about the transformation of the Christian Science Monitor from a dying print-focused publication to a Web-first online focused publication that drove page views from 3 million per month to 25 million in two years. Entitled, “Chasing pageviews with values: How the Christian Science Monitor has adjusted to a web-first, SEO’d world,” is was authored by Jonathan Groves and Carrie Brown-Smith.

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The Three Legs of Content Strategy

Customer engagement on the Social Internet requires organized participation by companies–people and resources in our company need to be “highly aligned” and then allowed to be “loosely coupled,” so they can engage. This organization is called “content strategy, which I define as an over-all strategy for developing and delivering information and tools to customers. Notice I didn’t say “over the Internet.” I personally feel we need to open social engagement to include the valuable ways in which traditional advertising and other marketing deliver.

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What Should Google Do?

A New York Times expose proved that JC Penney, a large but desperate national retailer, hired “black hat” search engine experts to game Google and move JC Penney products into the top organic search result for everything from ankle socks to zebra blankets. The New York Times investigative team proved that a major national retailer could game Google and end up in the top organic rankings, and as a result, reap millions of dollars in new business.

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Rand Fishkin presents... - SMX Seattle 2007

SEO Whiteboard: Reacting to Competitive Pressure in PPC

Image by Tamar Weinberg via Flickr Rand Fishkin has an irregular feature on www.seomoz.com called “Whiteboard Fridays” in which he stands at a whiteboard and holds forth on SEO and PPC issues.  This is a terrific series and you can find an archive of these on Vimeo by searching “seomoz whiteboard.” A major point I’m […]

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