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The Fabulous Collision Between Search And Social Networks

The fabulous collision between search and social networks changes the landscape of what we look for and what we find. SEO optimization is a new game when it includes the links within social media messages and the pass along capabilities of networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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Google’s Collateral Damage + The Law of Unintended Consequences

Google’s changes in algorithm may stop problems here and there, but the search giant always falls victim to the “Law of Unintended Consequences,” and it’s corollary, “Newton’s Law of Reaction in Unintended Consequences” —in which good and bad consequences are roughly equal and opposite.

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Spokeo–Spooky Advance in Personal Information Search

Spokeo is the new Website that connects your name, phone number and address as Google does with white pages, but adds all kinds of other readily available information about you–from property title databases, political donation records, and of course now, social media sites. But it’s promise far outstrips its performance.

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What Should Google Do?

A New York Times expose proved that JC Penney, a large but desperate national retailer, hired “black hat” search engine experts to game Google and move JC Penney products into the top organic search result for everything from ankle socks to zebra blankets. The New York Times investigative team proved that a major national retailer could game Google and end up in the top organic rankings, and as a result, reap millions of dollars in new business.

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