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FoodPornIndex.com is Bolthouse Farms Mirror of Our (Not So Healthy) Social Sharing

Have you seen enough food porn? Or perhaps you’re feeling guilty publishing that Instragram photo of the braised pork wild mushroom cheese cobbler you ordered at the restaurant last night  (875 calories per serving) Bolthouse Farms, purveyor of the fruit smoothies you find in your grocery store’s vegetable department, thinks its time to make the […]

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Are Personas Useful in Social Media Strategy Anymore?

Best Buy may have fallen on hard times but a decade ago the big box retailer was one of the first “bricks and clicks” to embrace the use of personas in all aspects of marketing and e-commerce. Best Buy was renowned for its four personas–Buzz, Jill, Barry and Ray.  Buzz was the single, male nerd […]

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Popularity Is Not A Proxy For Influence (See: Martha Stewart)

Michael Wu holds the exalted title of Principal Scientist of Analytics at Lithium, the SaaS provider of Social CRM services.  Last week he wrote a thoughtful piece about social influence that made the point that social influence scores are inherently false measures because they can be gamed—much more so than search engine results, for example. There is a […]

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Black Wednesday Boycott Turns Back SOPA Support

Yesterday was yet another milestone in the development of social networks as a political force. After an enormous online backlash against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) elected officials in Washington DC scrambled to abandon their support for SOPA, which had been heavily supported by the entertainment industry and old media companies like News Corp. […]

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