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Delete Your Klout Profile Now!

Delete your Klout profile now! The entire concept of turning “social influence” into a metric and then into a commodity to be sold is false and ultimately evil. What’s going to happen when you can’t get a marketing job because your Klout score is only in the 30s? Why should Joe Fernandez make billions on an IPO while handing out candy bars and coupons to the people who comprise the entire value proposition of Klout?

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How to Keep Up In Social Media In Two Moves That Matter

As fast as the social media world changes does it seem impossible to keep up with everything new? There’s more than books and conferences to rely on. As they say about “how do you get to Carnagie Hall?” Practice, practice, practice.

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Participants explore the Dell Social Media Lis...

The Dell Social Media Transformation

Dell has established itself as a model of a large corporation embracing social media not just to improve customer service, but to change the corporate culture completely, to one that is open, authentic and trustworthy.

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Hey, Tell Me Why Southwest Cost Me A Steak Dinner in Vegas!

  Tuesday afternoon I was sitting in an exit row seat of a Southwest Airlines flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas. I was looking forward to a big steak dinner with a small group of friends who happen to be clients that work in the hospitality business in Vegas.  Needless to say, with their […]

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