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Social Graphs: What They Are And Why You Should Care

The “Social Graph”—broadly defined– is a network of personal connections. And your online social graph is becoming the focus of social network strategy—by networks themselves, and by marketers trying to reach you and your friends. Why does the Social Graph matter? It’s the basic structure of personal connections you use every day in each social network you belong to. It’s why you join and invite others to connect on a social network. And therefore, exploiting social graphs for marketing and advertising is the fundamental business model challenge that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn face.

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The Fabulous Collision Between Search And Social Networks

The fabulous collision between search and social networks changes the landscape of what we look for and what we find. SEO optimization is a new game when it includes the links within social media messages and the pass along capabilities of networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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Regulations: Using Social Networks In Healthcare and Finance Is Hard

I’ve been researching how regulated industries, specifically financial and medical, are handling the rapid growth of social communications online. Needless to say the government regulatory agencies—FINCA, NASD, FDA—are overburdened by their existing mandates, let alone trying to figure out what it means when my Aunt Patricia “likes” the Facebook page of some osteoporosis drug from Merck. While we tend to guard our financial information carefully, we as a society seem more than willing to get on message boards and tell others everything about our prostitis or hemoglobin counts.

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Why Facebook Will Disappear (and Google won’t) in the Social Internet

Image via CrunchBase Jeremiah Owyang and Charlene Li have pointed down the shadowy pathway towards the future of social computing, and not surprisingly they see Google: “Revealing Google’s Stealth Social Network Play.” Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn today look and act like first stage examples in any communications revolution–much like 19th century daguerreotypes were staged like […]

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